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what is cassandra ?

I have heard about cassandra that it is good for large databases. Whats its good for ? I am currently using mysql. And its slow when some queries are running which contain thousands of rows. Can I migrate from mysql to cassandra ?
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Cassandra is meant for large databases .i.e millions of data. So if are dealing with only thousands of rows stick with mysql and use indexes to speed up your database queries.

You cannot easily migrate from mysql to cassandra because it uses entirely different data structure to store data.
It is not a relational database. It tolerates duplicates for speed up querying.

Cassandra is a nosql database that is built on the idea of google's 'Bigtable' and some contribution from facebook made on cassandra. Some large companies like twitter using it because they have obviously a large data store.
Dealing such an amount of data with relational database is not efficient.

So google about cassandra if it really fits your requirements.
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