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Could not initialize the application's security component firefox linux

I could not start firefox and got the following error:

Could not initialize the application's security component...

I tried restarting firefox but with no success. And also reinstaliing firefox doesn't solve the issue.

I am using firefox in ubuntu linux.


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Its because firefox having some permission issue.

Step 1:

Open the terminal and go to your home directory

cd /home

Step 2:

Open the terminal and search the file cert8.db in your home directory.

find -name cert.db

Step 3:

Several lines will be listed. Find the one that in the ./mozila directory ( The position may differ)


Step 4:

Go to that dierctory

cd    ./.mozilla/firefox/5ropwcyq.default/

Step 5:

Check that it has read and write permissions if not give it:

sudo chmod 0777 cert.db

Step 6

Close the firefox browser and delete the file cert.db which is corrupted.

rm cert.db

Step 7:

Restart the browser it wil create new cert.db file and your firefox browser probably works fine.
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Using Linux Mint, the name of my file was "cert8.db". Worked great, thanks!

on 9/8/13

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