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Who will win t20 world cup 2012

I am very interested to know who will win the t20 world cup. I have seen many matches in IPL 2012. Most West Indies players played well. But the Indian players like Gambhir also played well.

But the venue is in Sri Lanka. Whether these players play well on those pitches. What is the chance for Australia and England.


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You may be surprised to see this answer. But I think West Indies has the chance to win the t20 world cup in 2012.

Here is the proof we have seen in 2012 IPL t20 played in India:

  1. Sunil Narine (Economical bowler)

  2. Chris Gayle (Power hitter)

  3. Kieron Pollard (Allrounder)

  4. Dwayne Bravo (Batting, Fielding and Bowling)

  5. Dwyane Smith (All Rounder)

All the above players are top performers in IPL t20 2012.
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I think India will win the t20 world cup in 2012. Srilankan pitches are good for spin and Indian players will like to play in these pitches.

The captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni proved to be good also in IPL 2012. Playing Sehwag is doubt because of injury. But the players like Gambhir and Rahane also there to shine.

I am also giving a list for Indian best players that comes through my mind now:

  1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Good Captain and Finisher)

  2. Goutham Gambhir (Good Opening Player)

  3. Rahene (Young Talented Cricketer)

  4. Ashwin (Economical spin bowler for India)

  5. Umesh Yaadav (Fast Bowler)

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