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what is the god particle called

Scientists say they discovered the god particle. Whether that particle is main reason for the start of ther universe ? How important is this and what will be the growth of science after this discovery ?


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The physicists now shown the answer for the question 'Who is God ?'. It is a particle called 'Higgs Boson'. Several million years ago a explosion called Big Bang occured. It was an explosion between atoms and many things present in the world like starts and planets are created.

At the time of Big Bang explosion atoms are scattered on several directions. But that particles have no power. After colliding with particle Higgs Boson they got mass and created the world. The main reason for the creation of the universe is 12 particles. Scientists almost discovered 11 particles expect the twelth one.

Now the 12th particle Higgs Boson also called God Particle discovered by the scientists.
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