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About google company

Anyone know about the work culture in the company of google ? How they work ? Are they serious or jolly ? Any incident happened in google for example ?


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Actually the company of google is filled with fun. Shell is awoman who working in a large company in USA. One day she made a big mistake in the office. Because of that the company faced a big loss. When she realized her mistake she told to her boss with a worry in the mind.

What does the boss do in this situation ? If it is any other company the boss would dismiss that employee and punish all the employees and her top level authorities.
But her boss smiled and said :

"Is it ? Thanks".

"The inactive people don't make mistakes. The active people who often do mistakes are needed for this company. Because they are who run in four legs."

This is the different google company. The different boss is Larry Page. He started his company when he was studying in the college with his friend Sergey Brin.
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