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Samsung and Apple patent lawsuit

What is happening between the mobile companies Samsung and Apple ? I have heard the news about the patent war between Apple and Samsung. Can anyone explain it ? Samsung is using Android in their phones. Will they continue to use Android OS ? What will be the future of Android mobile phones ?


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You know that Samsung is a mobile manufacturing company which has attained the top position in the touch screen mobile industry in the world. Samsung uses Google's Android as the operating system for its touch screen mobiles.

Apple Inc. also a big company running over several decades claimed that the Samsung mobile is copied Apple's Iphone design and gone to a court in USA. The juries confirmed the patent infringement made by Apple and said Samsung should give Apple 1.051 billion US dollars for royality.

When speaking about the future of mobile phones, we have several points. Everyone don't have money to buy Apples Iphone. So Samsung's market victory may continue because of the price it have compared to the iphone. May be Microsoft come into play in this situation as a replacement for Android in Samsung phones. Or Samsung and Apple would come into compromise and give some amount like $10 or 20 to each of its handsets sale to Apple.

However this patent lawsuit brings a major effect in the mobile market. Samsung is the company who makes some of the hardware parts of the apples accessories. We need to watch further to see what happens in the future.
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