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what are the different types of software

What are the different types of software ? What is the definition of software ?


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Software is a generic term for an organized groups of code representing instructions executed by a computer. Software is usually written as source code, and then converted to binary format specific to the processor or environment in which the code is executed.

Software is usually divided into two main categories: system software that the basic task-specific functions of the computer, and application software used to perform specific user-related tasks.

The concept was first used in this context by John W. Tukey in 1957.

System software is responsible for the management, integration and management of the individual hardware components of a computer system so that other software and the users of the system see it as a functional unit without concern need to be on the low-level details.

System software consists of things such as an operating system and a few basic tools, such as programs that manipulate files, perform system administration and hardware and network configuration.

Application software is used for other tasks, other than the management of the computer system to run. Application can consist of a single program, such as a text editor; or a larger collection of independent programs that are used for related tasks, such as an office productivity suite that consists of a word processor, spreadsheet, etc..
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