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what are the parts of a computer network

What are the parts of a computer network ?


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A computer network consists of many computers and peripherals that are connected together by a telecommunications system to enable communication and sharing of resources.

Many parts of an average network consists of individual computers or workstations (personal computers) or servers. The workstations can range from simple machines with only basic functionality to computers with lots of memory, fast processors, large hard drives and high-level graphics processing capabilities.

The servers can range from multi-purpose machines to dedicated machines such as file, printer, mail, fax, phone, guarantee, Remote Access, Applications and Web. Many printers have built-in capability to be part of a network without being directly connected to a computer or other device.

There are also many other devices used to build a network and manage. Such hardware include Fire Walls implemented in hardware and routers. Many other devices are often directly connected to networks are web cameras.
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