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Should government avoid aptitude test in Civil services examination ?

Shold Indian goverment avoid aptitude test (CSAT) in Civil services examination ? Why there are more agitations ? Should the questions need to be translated to all indian languages ?
edited on 15/8/14


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Over the past 2 , 3 years beacz of upsc changed exam pattern(indterducing frm CSAT)so many of technocrat left the jobs and try their luck in upsc. and Upsc made the civil service exam like a competitive exam like banks and ssc even who preparing for bank PO( I-cet, M-tech.Other any compitative exam preparing person) can write civil exam and get through prelims. it is like managing P.O job in bank equal to IAS Who manages a District. Still.people speaking about level playing field .

Even we don't hav unique syllabus for all india level exam. That's y people of west laugh at us knewing about indian experts.definitely we should call experts who sit in panal of upsc and feel dt they are experts. and dy select district head. Plz all aspirants once stand and clap for those experts.still technocrates speak about standards.once scrap the CSAT and check how many people willing to attempt exam.
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People are proudly saying that they cant do basic level aptitude/reasoning/maths, i think dats the biggest shame in the entire debate... instead of arming oneself with such basic knowledge people are out protesting on streets and have morphed this affair into a political one...

When the most crucial demand shud be that of correct and proper translation none is talking about it, and the solns by the gov doesnt address the translation issue as the papers wud already have been printed and dispatched and again the hindi medium guys wud suffer...and also the english questions scrapped by the gov were of such basic level that all were able to do it, now even that wont be considered...

I think that the protestors are worse off than what they started with...i myslef am appearing this year and i wonder where they get so much time to be out on the streets when there is so much to revise, cover and practise....God help them now as they too know that protesting is their only way out now.... -Ayan
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The comprehension passages in the CSAT are available in both English and Hindi (though the disgusting translation into Hindi is completely unacceptable). It is only the 8-9 questions of class X level English language Comprehension just before the decision making questions in the CSAT paper which are asked only in English.

At least Hindi people have the option of getting prelims questions asked in Hindi (again provided proper translation), think about Non-Hindi people, they have no way but to appear in English only in the prelims.
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