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Which antivirus is best for windows

Which antivirus is best for windows


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Bitdefender free edition, for some reason it keeps corrupting youtube videos (as in the videos become green and sound & image aren't playing anymore.)
With AVG I've lost trust in them after the whole windows BSOD update (so basically AVG updated and it simply rendered windows useless with the BSOD screen.) You can search for this on google for articles on it.

As I for one, I'm using 360 because it incorporates, besides their own engine, the bitdefender and avira antivirus scanning engines, making it a bit more potent than the others (although with the avira engine I keep getting false positives but meh). And it doesn't have an impact on performance.
As for the rest (except FortiNet) I've tried them and work well.
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360 internet Security = own itself virus/spyware

Fortinet = Meh,looks old and idk if trust it

AVG = No, just no. Removes safe files and even blocks some games.

Avira = Not bad, may be usefull.

Panda = Never tried that and it looks suspicious.

Avast = Best FREE anti-virus I heard of. Recommended for users on free programs.

BitDefender = Never heard of that. And its better than Avast? Whoah.

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The truth is that NONE of the antivirus software will ever protect you from malicious malware... they will penetrate all the antivirus software and you will get infected....
I have tried almost every antivirus you could ever imagine and the users were getting infected somehow...... and the worst part some spyware were causing problems over the network.....

So We have decided to remove Windows and Install Linux , from that day all the users were happy , they had some problems at start migrating from M$ Software to Linux but it worth every single min I have spend with them teaching them how to use Linux..

Imagine I had like 200 Hundred support call per month when we had Windows

Now I have like 1-2 support calls per month and that is related to hardware problems (hard disk failure etc).
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I always used AVG but I switched to Avast in 2012 due to one horrible experience. We saw one day that all our work PCs was affected by a "Win32/Sality" virus, nasty little bugger. AVG could not even detect that there was a virus or that something was wrong, I probably went through about 6 or 7 free Antivirus programs that day, to try and remove the Sality virus, but there was only one Antivirus program that could remove it, and that was Avast. When it installed it picked up the virus almost instantly and removed it, then I left all the PC`s with a (very useful) boot-time scan running and went home, when I came back, all our problems were solved.

I have been using Avast ever since and it has never let me down, whereas AVG and some other Antivirus programs I tried over the years has let me down quite a lot. Avast is superior to me in a lot of ways, it iss the first antivirus program that I really don`t mind having on my gaming PC because it is never in the way, it has never blocked a safe file or interfered with any of my games or affect gaming performance.
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