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aadhar privacy concerns

What are the privacy concerns and issues of Aadhar card ?


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Aadhaar violates the privacy of corruption. Means it exposes corruption so corrupt are crying about privacy. To some extent privacy of individuals may be encroached but that is very unlikely. So my suggestion is to enroll each and every soul in india under UID project and simultaneously strengthen the birth registrations and make it corruption free. Then "en-document" every single soul to coin a word. Once KYC or KYR is made stronger start linking it to a variety of public services like pension and income tax administration and welfare.

Once a detailed data of residents and such databases are made then probably by 2025 or 2030 the biometric part of the aadhaar database may be destroyed. This was my suggestion to the BJP government when they went to polls. So as a consequence you see aadhaar has survived the government change.

Ask a villager who gets cheated of his wages by the middle man what privacy he wants and what he gets? Privacy will be encroached to some extent as finger.iris.face get photographed. Not private parts. Devices encrypt biometric data at the point of capture. For gods sake learn something about encryption. Even if a few fingerprints fall into enemy hands what the hell do you fear about? By linking all data of public it will be possible to track tax evaders. It will be possible to reduce places where illgotten wealth can be hidden. Our netas are not directly implementing the project. Its the bureaucrats who call the shots. They are being directed by the netas.

I have a rough calculation of the amount spent on generating 60 crore aadhaar numbers. It is nearly 4500 crore and nearly 2000 crore of that money has gone to enrollment operators as salary. 500 crore in procuring hardware by agencies... Some 1000 crore to costruct/deduplicate/maintain the database since three years. I don't think much money has been made by the large multinationals. Profit making is good. Profiteering is not. Do you communists understand that?
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Why US scrapped it? Why UK scrapped it? Why Aussies scrapped it? Why international companies interested in India implementing it? Don't tell me bcos India is unique in corruption and population. Study the problem and reasons of other countries in scrapping it after they started like India. Convince SC and implement legally. Why illegal coercion?

If there is no privacy in rural ATMs, then that problem is different and unsolved by Aadhar. I just have stereotype of crony capitalists and enemy agents out to grab all my data for politicians and enemy powers to victimize ctry in general but mainly poor and middle class. Nobody from politicians will link their all assets through UID.

SC stopped govt from making aadhar compulsory for govt schemes. Govt is in contempt of court if they persist as article rightly says. Govt cannot overrule SC but can do dadagiri. 2ndly...parlmt standing committee objected to Aadhar and has never cleared it. They may do so in future but remain accountable to explain their own objections to janta satisfactorily. Why rush back with Aadhar without getting SC to be satisfied and parliment to support.

What govt is doing is coercion. Calling it people willingly opting for it is what SC objected to. Coercion means, govt says, opt for Aadhar "willingly" or you wont get pension, wont get gas subsidy or PDS ration or even pension (imagine telling even armyman that..he later went to court and got pension without aadhar) etc. Even govt does not pass SC directive to lower functionaries and you say people willingly opt? Its double-triple torture of people and all illegal, in contempt of law. SC directed govt not to link it mandatorily with any govt scheme even in its interim order. Why are you not asking govt to be law-abiding and make amends for its past sins violating law, than defend UID? Govt must pay back my subsidy on gas that it denied bcos I refuse to lose privacy.
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What privacy you are talking about?? dont you have a smartphone? which is tracking your movement every second.

dont you have laptop with internet??..which is tracking what you watched last night and what all you do

dont you use any social media site?? that is tracking your interest, shopping habbit??heard something about hadoop?

dont you text/call any one via phone?? that's intercepted without you know it

so why are you then scared of aadhaar only?

All that was to help you not to lose your privacy from these current intruders in your life. if you are saying mobile tracking and website login are fractions in terms of privacy loss then it would be hard for you to understand how even privacy level/security level is measured. have heard anything about IP address and location coordinates?

you seem to be too much scared of Aadhaar word only I guess, let me give you some legal perspective. Aadhaar is a backbone of NPR(12 digit no. is generated by UIDAI) and NPR Card is a legal document as per Indian Constitution and Supreme Court can not challenge it. Every citizen will have NPR card after door to door verification. UID is being kept as separate entity just to cover every resident of India(not just citizens) and it carries no rights.

So choice you have is enroll for aadhaar, make your life easy or wait until NPR team comes at your door to check your aadhaar data to issue you NPR card and later on link your Voter card to it.
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