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Is bjp government performing well ?

Is new bjp government performing well ? Media is saying that this government makes mistakes.
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If you feel the government is doing mistake it means they are doing good work. Only way not to make mistake is not do anything. This was the principle of UPA. They did not take decision on time.
Any decision taken by government will have adverse impact on few people. It is not possible to take any decision which will be accepted by all in the country. If the current government feels it is good for the country then they can take that decision. We have empowered them to do that. Wait for two years to see the results. ..
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I will list down a few symbols of good tidings and good happenings ( ideally bjp should be doing this messaging )

  1. The stock markets ( often considered to be barometer of an economy ) are reflecting cheer, positivity and confidence. The rally started from the day he was nominated as PM candidate.

  2. His railway budget and finance budget displayed statesmanship and continuity without rocking the boat

  3. He has not been petty and vindictive

  4. He has brought in a wave of optimism and ushered in life, discipline, positivity to governance

  5. It will take time for the trickle down effects to reach every individual, but the fact that he reigned in foreigner's and delinquents from becoming PM itself is the best thing that he has done to india.

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