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pm independence day speech 2014

How was the speech of pm in independence day ? What are the main points said by him ? Is the speech is good compared to previous prime ministers ?


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The PM looked serious about his commitments made to the people regarding e governance, digital India, promoting manufacture and employment generation.
He could think of appointing a Corruption Eradication Commission which should engage itself exclusively to study, develop and promote use of IT tools and solutions for effective , efficient and transparent governance at every level. These tools have the capacity to defeat the success of greed and graft in public dealing and discharge of duties by the govt servants. Given the honesty of purpose and the importance given by the PM, our youth can do the rest and corruption can be eradicated from the face of the country. ..
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The quality of life can not improve in India so long as the population keeps on increasing at the present alarming rate.In has been said the development is the best contraceptive.But the development itself would not be possible if the present increase in numbers continues .Education,particularly education of girls,is another excellent contraceptive.But our Prime-Minister has totally failed to use education as an instrument of national development.

Further the administrative techniques pursued by the Prime-Minister are the same as were cast in a concrete mould more than a century ago.Files and minutes still go perpetually from officials to officials and from ministry to ministry.In the result,nothing moves except the river Ganges.Perceptive observes in foreign countries where Indians work and prosper are baffled by one question-how does India,with its great human potential and natural resources,manage to remain poor.The answer is that we are not poor by nature but poor by policy.You would not be far wrong if you called India the worlds leading expert in the art of perpetuating poverty. ..
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• We need to give impetus to manufacturing sector

• I tell the world- Come, Make In India. Sell anywhere but manufacture here. We have the skill and talent

• Our dream should be that all over the world we can say-Made in India

These are by far the most important part of speech. This is exactly what we need to do and to achieve that we need to create a linked network of infrastructure and suppliers. Manufacturing sector is the way forward for our country as the service sector can't sustain on its own if it is not backed by strong industry.
Let's try to support Indian brands wherever we can. ..
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Good speech by the new PM. Still seems to be in election mode though - not much mention of achievements, the focus was on more ideas. Quick summary for those who didn't hear the whole speech:

Respect & empower women
Give up communalism, violence, fight poverty together
Government to provide bank accounts and insurance for the underprivileged
Make in India – impetus on manufacturing in India
Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana – each MP to develop an ideal village in electorate
Scrap planning commission – replace with a contemporary relevant institution

Overall, feel heartened to hear the right message of inclusiveness and path to progress from a man who seems to be in control. ..
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