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adding ppa debian

Hi everyone,
I on debian-7-wheezy-v20140318 on Google Compute Engine. I am facing a problem to add a PPA on it.
My Problem is :
I add a PPA using sudo add-apt-get .... and everything goes fine and it gets added. But when I do apt-get update , I get
W: Failed to fetch [address of ppa packages] 404 Not Found. This is happening with with all the ppa I am trying to add . Any help ?
Note all the repositories till now I tried to add were ubuntu repos which have been reported working on debian and I dn't think its an issue with the repos .


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Because ppa's are for ubuntu and the binary packages will be found only for the ubuntu versions, binaries corresponding to your debian version won't be probably built and hence not found (HTTP 404 status). The solution is to either find .deb packages directly or build the package from source.
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Try using sudo add-apt-repository " Source address " ,not sudo add-apt-get
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