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how to analyze accident data

Can someone plz let me know how to analyze Accident data using data mining software.
Which one would, in ur view, be a gud one to start with ?

I am doing research and need to find out some results by using data mining techniques for Accident Analysis.

I am a post graduate in Maths and Computers, but have no experience in using data mining softwares. ..


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1. You need to collect Accident data of particular area.
2. Give This Data(Training set) as a Input to your algorithm(You can use any like. SVM , Naive Bayes, ID3, Neural Network, Decision Tree )
3. Analyze the output of various Algorithms and compare them on basis of which algorithm gives how much accuracy. you can use confusion matrix to obtain and calculate the accuracy of different classification i.e show the results.

P.S: You can use different Data Mining tool like "Weka" for experiment.
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Although classification is most commonly used data mining methods therefore the selection of algorithm depends upon the nature of data and the type of results she requires. One may need some clustering or Frequent pattern mining technique as well. therefore, we can not suggest what algorithms which can use. One should share the characteristics of her data set and the type of problem they wana solve first. ..
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