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installing ubuntu on windows

I have save ubuntu.iso in my Pendrive with help of Universal-USB-Installer- and trying to install ubuntu from Pendrive but while installing i face this problems please any one have solution on it[Refer Screenshots] , my PC have win7 installed/ 500GB harddisk. If I make empty partition for ubuntu all previous partition will be erased so i will lose my all data, how to insatall ubuntu on particular drive, I also tried wubi then it gave error" root directory not set, please set by doing proper partition" Please refer screenshot attached. Can anyone tell how I should install ubuntu on my PC successfully?

alt textalt textalt text


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In Win7 use disk management to resize partition to make room for your Ubuntu distro....... then when installing ubuntu use the partitioning utilities to make partitions for it if dual booting you will need a boot partition, a root partition, and a swap partition and I would recommend a usr partition as well
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Use This steps...
Open your windows .
STEP 1 : Download and install 'daemon-tools' that help you to mount iso file .
(or other iso mounting application)
STEP 2 : mount the iso file of ubuntu (2 time ) open 2nd mounted drive and open "Wubi.exe"

then follow the Instructions in that window(select dive,disk size,give a password)

alt text
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Are you installing ubuntu dedicately on your machine or you are going to make it a dual boot system with windows?? If you don't have anything to loose on your hard disk and want to install ubuntu only on your machine then you have a Green signal, Just hit Continue button
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