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android notification app create

We are developing a application for which notification need to be used but couldnt get the idea how to implement it. Work flow for the project is as follows
When we enter a message in website admin panel it stores the data in Mysql and i retrieved it to android coding using JSON and from here iam not getting the idea that how to send the message retrieved from mysql db as the notification to all the users who uses the app.
can anyone here explain me or provide me a basic code n help me in this issue please...

Some people suggested GCM. But I thnk GCM is for the users who registered on app right? our requirement is to send notifications for all the app users... Please correct me if iam wrong in using GCM... i already tried with it but seen that it works only for users who registered their details with the app. ..


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No actually, user do not register himself...
When first time your app open it request to register on GCM with your api... (done in background)
Now when user get registered a service will hit which push this GCMRegId to your server( again in background) user do not need to interact...
so now you have all gcmIds just make a push, and it will notify on all devices...
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