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How to make liquid nitrogen

How to make liquid nitrogen ?


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You've got two ways to do this.
1.Pour the alcohol into a plastic container and nest this container inside a bucket of dry ice.
2.Alternatively, you can pour the alcohol directly over the dry ice. This is easier, but you won't have control over the temperature of the dry ice, so it's possible your alcohol will freeze.
**the above for home made liquid nitrogen
but in actual practical room.

There are some gases that turn into liquids simply by compressing them at room temperature. Examples include butane, propane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and freon(chlorofluorocarbons). The phase diagramtells you at what temperature and pressure the gas will liquify.
The problem with nitrogen (and other gases like it, including oxygen, hydrogen, helium, etc.) is that no amount of pressure will cause nitrogen to liquify at room temperature. There is a phase diagram for nitrogen at the bottom of this page. Nitrogen has to be much colder than room temperature to stay liquid. If stored at room temprature, a sealed tank full of liquid nitrogen will explode because of the pressure that builds up, as shown dramatically here.
So, to make liquid nitrogen, you have to cool the nitrogen down. An ingenious way to do that was discovered by Carl von Linde. In his technique you pressurize nitrogen with a compressor. Then you release the nitrogen through an orifice, causing it to cool as it expands. You use this cool gas.
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