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recovering windows after installing ubuntu

My friend's laptop can't boot to windows 7 after installing ubuntu 14.04. Windows partition isn't lost. Tried to update-grub still not working. After i checked partitions. System reserved for windows is missing. Any solution to recover windows 7?


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Grab a Windows DVD and run recovery/startup repair
If this does not work then...launch command prompt in recovery menu..
bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot

this will help you to restore master boot record...but you may loose linux boot..
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Simply repair win7 with installation disk if this is unsecusfull find win 7 partition" by using obuntu" if it's unallocated u have to reinstall win7 but if u get it copy ur data to obuntu partition or in HD than reinstall win7, Other methods may recover Windows lose other one(obuntu)
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