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php - The "Close Tab / Page"

As in PHP invoke the 'close the tab / page', after the shape of target="_blank" send data to a certain page to the one after receiving the form - closed, and we'll automatically return to the page, which submits the form?


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Quite right - no way.
Php here at all to do with it, the client and server - two different things.
Close this window can then can send, for example calling callback, which will


but again on what tab gets the user after closing the current tab is determined only by your browser.
In one browser can throw on the referrer, the second to the last in the list, the third on the previous one.
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The correct answer is - no way. This is not done in php. Php on the server side, and tabs - on the client. Php knows nothing about the tab. And if you know - so he told someone who knows, for example javascript. Himself php pro tabs to learn nothing can.
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