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php - Laravel4 response time

People, help)

1.Use Laravel 4.
2.On the client doing ajax-request to the server.
3.On the server using curl post-send request to backend and takin Old.
4.Pars on the server.
5.Is sent to the client.

Everything works, but not very good!
That is not satisfied with the query.
Because project is fairly loaded, in some cases, income expectations to the minute ...

Look at the statistics, noted that 95% of the time the query is executed a bean method

Symfony - Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Session\Storage\Proxy SessionHandlerProxy::read()

Are there any thoughts?
Why did he do there?
How to solve the problem?


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This is a common problem, the session is read from the file, which is read slowly and locked (read - can not be read two requests at the same time). If there are heaps of queries on the page it becomes a problem. Recommended Solution - removal session in the database, sqlite or basic, but it should be very careful to work with the record not to accidentally overwrite the newly written value.
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Use memcache or redis storage sessions.
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