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mail server to send via php - mail ()

There is a server (win server 2008 r2), with php 5.5.x, apache 2.4, mysql, nodeJS ...
There are four domain-linked server ip (respectively, the letter will be sent with at least 4 different boxes).

Need to raise the mail server that can send emails from php script function mail (). Need detailed instructions on how to do it


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1.Raise the mail server (I do not know what there is, under Windows, did not work) and configure it.
2.In most cases, nothing more is needed for the function mail (), if the mail server on the same server, or you need to configure php.ini .
3.Configure DNS records in the same setup DKIM and SPF.
4.Profit. You can now check whether to send the mail () letter. Just look it will have 99% of SPAM folder.
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